How I Met My Countess - Elizabeth Boyle There's just something about Regency spy novels that appeals to me. Give me some Regency (or Victorian, I'm not picky) smuttiness mixed with the intrigue, danger, and adventure that spy stories just naturally have, and I'm a happy girl.

How I Met My Countess is almost two books in one. The bulk of the book is told in a flashback style. I promise, it's not nearly as annoying as it sounds. The flashback tells the entire story of the our hero and heroine's unconventional romance. The remainder is about reconciliation and a minor subplot or two about inheritances, secrets, and a gaggle of widows.

I enjoyed this book far more than recent offerings by this author, probably because it reminds me so much of the fun spy novels she has written--books like Stealing the Bride--where adventure and humor blend together with the romance.

My Grade: B+

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