Finding Perfect - Susan Mallery I really liked this romance despite some serious suspension of disbelief issues. And a whole lot of WTH when it comes to our heroine's decision making processes.

Fool's Gold is eerily similar to Nevada City, California. Cute mountain town in the foothills above Sacramento. We see a lot more of the people from the community in this book, but less of the setting--which makes sense for the last book in the trilogy.

I have to admit that I only barely recall our hero from one of the bakery trilogies. I do recall that he's done a bit of "fast" aging, since he was a teenager in the last book--which was published quite recently. That caused some initial confusion for me.

The improbability factor is off the charts here and it kept me from really sinking into the story the way I'd like to. There were a lot of times when I would surface from the story confused by the characters' lack of serious thinking and planning.