Mind Games - Carolyn Crane I feel like I ran a marathon. I'm exhausted. I finally finished this book after over 3 months of picking it up and putting it back down.

My initial thoughts after finishing:

1. Still really not fond of 1st person present narration. Call me shallow or small-minded, but that particular narrative style kept throwing me out of the story.

2. Reading the last 1/3 was a juggernaut...I flew through it after languishing for months in the first 2/3.

3. Even guessing who the nemesis was, I was still blown away by the ending. Did not see it coming.

I didn't love this book as much as others did. I'm not a huge UF reader, either though. I loved the world, the characters, the plot...but couldn't plug in emotionally with that crazy 1st person present narration. Still, the writing is excellent—especially the quirky little metaphors Crane uses. Those are little gems.